Toyota Camry Hybrid Launch In India- बड़े लम्बे समय के बाद Launch हुई है Toyota की शानदार कार

Toyota Camry Hybrid Launch In India:- Toyota had launched Toyota Camry Hybrid in the beginning of 2022. This is one of the most beautiful and strong looking cars of Toyota. The price of this tax in India is said to be 41.70 lakh Indian rupees. He says that the price of Toyota Camry Hybrid has been according to the features.

This car is said to be different from the earlier cars made by Toyota, because during the menufeccharing, many different features have been added to it, which has been liked by Toyota fans a lot. As far as desing is concerned, you get to see a new look front bumper and grill design in this car. Looking at this car from Toyota, it can be said to have an unmatched presence and attractive looks.

It is being said that this car will have 10 times more features than the Fortuner. This vehicle is provided with matrix lights, which are seen in very expensive vehicles. Toyota Camry Hybrid has 7 seats, on which 7 people can travel anywhere.

Toyota का यह कार अमेरिका में सबसे पहले लौंव्ह हो चुकी है, जो की काफी बढ़िया बिक रही है, भारत में लौंच होने के भी क्या Toyota Camry Hybrid सबसे अधिक मात्र में बेचा जायेंगा, टोयटा के यूजर कहते है, ये तियता ने एकदम पैसा वसीक गाड़ी बनाई है.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Features

Toyota Camry Hybrid car is one of the best selling cars of Toyota. If we talk about the engine in this vehicle, it has SW engines, and both are petrol. In the first you have a 300hp, 3.5L, v6 petrol engine and the second is a 240hp, 2.5L, hybrid petrol engine.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Launch In India
Toyota Camry Hybrid Display
Engine (upto) 2487 cc
Power 175.67 bhp
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol
Boot Space 524 L
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 50l
Boot Space (Litres) 524
Body Type Sedan
Display Type Touch Screen
Windows Power Windows Rear

Toyota Camry Hybrid Mileage kmpl

By using this vehicle, you can cover a distance of 10 kilometers per litre. According to the report, this average is said to be quite low. All the parts of this car from front to back look very beautiful. Many small LED lights have been installed in its front, which enhance the beauty of this coffee.

The total length of Toyota Camry Hybrid is 5 meters, you can use it easily even on rocky roads. The interior of this car is amazing, every part of this car is very smooth, which will make you feel amazing after driving it. You will not feel bored in this car.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Car Details

In this Toyota vehicle, you have been given a beautiful 12.5 inch touchscreen display, which you can use easily. With its help you can easily handle all the controls of your vehicle. You can rotate the camera provided in this vehicle 360 degrees.

Massaging facility has been provided in both its front seats. It has GBL facility along with speaker. It has all the features which are provided in Toyota vehicles like speed control, auto driving, etc. As per its features, currently no vehicle with these features is seen in India.

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