Bajaj Pulsar N250 New Model 2023 Price – बहुत ही कम कीमत में 250cc pulsar लांच हुआ है

Bajaj Pulsar n250 New Model 2023 Price:- Bajaj is one of the well-known companies of India, people know it for the styleless vehicles made by them, and Bajaj Pulsar n250 new model is one of those vehicles, which is more popular in the Indian market. It is being sold in just Rs.

Let us tell you that the ex-showroom price of Bajaj Pulsar N250 in the Indian market is ₹ 1.39 Lakhs. If we talk about the road price of Pulsar bike, then the road price of this vehicle is also Rs 1.39 Lakhs. This purchase will be available at the same price for all users.

Bajaj Pulsar n250 New Model Launch Date in India


If we ask when will Bajaj Pulsar N250 new model be launched in India, then let us tell you that it was launched in the Indian market on 28 October 2021, but its demand in the market is huge, its fans are increasing day by day. Are going. Its demand in the market is at a high level. It has been launched in India long ago.

Bajaj Pulsar N250 Colours

Talking about Pulsar N250 CC, it has been launched in two colors. Its first color is “Techno Grey”, which has become the most favorite color of the users in the market, and a lot of people are liking it, and this car is being sold in full.

bajaj pulsar n250 new model launch date in india
bajaj pulsar n250 new model launch date in india

The second and best color of Bajaj Pulsar N250 is “Racing Red”. This color Pulsar is already popular in its vehicles, most of the vehicles of Bajaj are of racing red color, and it also attracts a lot of people towards itself, hence the demand for racing red color is at a very high level.

Pulsar n250 Mileage Per Liter

Talking about Pulsar n250 Mileage, Pulsar has launched it in the market with very good mileage. With this vehicle, you can easily cover a distance of 39 kilometers per liter. You are not going to have any problem in this. You can get good mileage on the highway only if you travel at a constant speed.

Pulsar n250 Seat Height

bajaj pulsar n250 new model 2023 price
bajaj pulsar n250 new model 2023 price

If you buy Pulsar n250, you are given a seat of 795 mm in this vehicle, which can be comfortable for at least two people. This seat size is mostly seen in Bajaj Pulsar vehicles, which is also considered a correct seat size.

Bajaj Pulsar n250 New Model Features and Specifications

If we talk about the features and specifications of Bajaj Pulsar N250, then you get to see an excellent 249 cc engine in this vehicle. Apart from this, you get a maximum speed of 132 kmph at a mileage of 39.0 kmpl. Charging Point is covered in this vehicle.

Mobile connectivity facility is not provided. It has LED type headlights. Along with this, you are given a battery in this vehicle, so it proves to be quite useful. 162 kg weight can be easily carried on this vehicle. More weight than this can be harmful for you. Bajaj may have some bad effects on Pulsar N250. It has two main colors, in which Bajaj Pulsar n250 New Model has been launched in Techno Grey, and Racing Red.

Bajaj Pulsar N250 Videos

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